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WuYi Origin Website

WuYi Origin


A friend and Tea Farmer was interested in a website to promote her tea and maybe, in the future, sell her tea online as well.  Seeing that China’s Golden Shield Project (aka Great Firewall) blocks and many similar sites, I suggested to look for an easy CMS she would be comfortable using instead of WordPress, which is the CMS I was most comfortable coding at the time.  With It’s multi-lingual back-end, she chose Weebly.


This was Chen Xueying’s (Cindy’s) second attempt at making a website, I guided her through little steps so she would be comfortable editing it in the future if I, a hemisphere away, was not able to help at any given moment.  Through Facebook Messenger, emails, and WeChat’s handy tools, we inched out way through the development.

The Next Step

At the moment the site is just to showcase her teas. In the very near future I will enable it’s storefront.