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Weebly to Shopify

I had helped a friend and Tea Farmer in WuyiShan, Fujian, China make an eCommerce store with Weebly. After Weebly had blocked a number of countries, including one of her best selling country, Russia, from accessing Weebly websites, she needed to switch to a new platform, I suggested Shopify

My Role

Chen Xueying (Cindy) could not find a Shopify theme that included everything she was looking for in a style she loved. I stepped in and edited the SCSS based stylesheet Shopify uses as well as added, removed, and edited some functionality. For example, via Liquid (Shopify’s code language) I added a carousel that allowed new products to show simply by when the product was added rather than checking it as a “featured item”

Introduction and Success

I was worried that Cindy would have a hard time learning how to add products via Shopify as she had used Weebly for some time. Instead of making video tutorials, I used WeChat’s video chat to go through the steps with her. She took it on like a champ and found it much easier than weebly. Occasionally she still asks me to edit some grammar. She has been able to control the site by herself after 1 month into launch.