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Mississippi Mudgal Website

Tea Crimes


Me, A Tea Enthusiest

I’ve been studying tea avidly since 2007 and since then I’ve been on a few trips to Asia, tried an uncountable amount of different teas, did so many tea ‘experiements’ and learn too much to keep bottled up… time for a blog?

Too Many Tea Blogs?

There are so many tea blogs out there, so I looked for a theme I could design and write to. With the aide of my H.S. firend and graphic artist, Alex Estell, I came up with the design for Tea Crimes and the logo, The Tea Sleuth. Now to code

Above My Head?

It took me a long time to code this site as I went for functionality above my programing knowledge and skills. In doing so, I learned a lot about WordPress, PHP and how easily my desk can get messy.  I will add more functionality later, like in-post quizes.